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Re: [IP] 50 years

Congratulations, Barbara!  I got my 50-year-medal this past July.  I 
emailed Stephanie Hastings, email @ redacted, at 
Joslin and explained that I had received my 25-year certificate and 
had reached 50 years.  I received my medal a few weeks 
later.  They've also been wanting me to come to Boston for the 
50-year study but I haven't been able to do that yet due to life 
circumstances right now, but do have plans to do so in the spring sometime.


>I will reach 50 years with Type 1 in two days!  I signed up with Joslin
>several years ago, so I should be in their database.  The world has
>certainly changed.  I marvel when I think that I used to get a fasting BG
>twice a year, and then the doc got the bright idea that I should have
>another BG after school the same day so he would have two readings.  My
>insulin dosage was based on those measures.  Now I have a CGM with a reading
>every 5 minutes.  And of course the pump.  Never would have imagined these
>Barbara Ziegler
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