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[IP] Tattoos on calf. ..

I believe it has to do with your control, but...I've always been in very
tight control.

I have four tattoos: the first two, on my lower belly and breast, were
done pre-diagnosis and were non issue, except for a reaction to red ink on
my belly. The red didn't heal well (a bit blotchy). Years later, after
being diagnosed, I had both tattoos touched up and healed without any

At the same time, I had a small tattoo done on my ankle, just above the
bone. It became seriously infected and I was on antibiotics for months to
clear it up. Lost all the color but the black outline remained.

Two years ago (this is about 20 years after the original ankle tattoo), I
had it covered with a new tattoo. Within days, it became red, inflamed,
and painful. I sent a photo to my doc (I love Kaiser for their email
program!) and she wrote me an Rx for antibiotics. Took a few weeks to heal
but it did and looks great.

Last year I had a Jerry Sailor swallow design done on my inner forearm,
just below the elbow. Healed fine but the red area took longer and scabbed
more than the other colors. I've decided red just isn't for me.

I'm planning to have one more done soon on my inner wrist. Should be
similar to an ankle tattoo in regards to being at the end of an extremity,
so I'll have antibiotics on hand just in case.


On 1/2/14 12:09 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

>I was told to be careful getting tattoos below the waist. Because of
>blood flow to the legs. Would it be okay to get a tattoo on my calf, I
>know it
>will probably take longer to heal but just wanted to make sure.
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