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Re: [IP] Animas, test strips, pump supplies, Medicare and CCS

 I only have Medicare and was always told that most other insurance (mainly
medicaid) won't help pay for test strips when you have Medicare and they will
pay 100% only for a certain amount of strips. I was on Medicare when I started
to get disability until the 2 year waiting period was over, I've only used
Walgreens for test strips never tried any ware else.

 I wonder if things are different state by state? It should not be this hard for
us! Insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring and test strips is what keeps
us alive, prevents hospital stays and VERY expensive complications. It should be
covered 100%. Even with continuous glucose monitoring I don't understand why
Medicare won't pay anything for it, its got to be cheaper than all the crap that
happens to us without good BG control.

  I hate being on Medicare and disability, I would do anything to be able to
work again, I'll be 43 this coming May 8th and am sick and tired of this crap! I
was looking into getting an pancreas transplant and was told I'm to sick and my
body couldn't handled the surgery. At this point I would rather die trying the
surgery than to keep livening with this.......


> On Jan 1, 2014, at 7:29 AM, Julia R <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Angel said:
> I get pump supply's from CCS (Animas onetouch ping) I was getting them from
> Animas only they can no longer take medicare for pumps or pump supplies in
> Illinois, CCS can't supply my test strips for my onetouch meter that works as
> a
> remote for my pump I was told they have no contract with onetouch so I get my
> strips from Walgreens, for test strips they handle all the paperwork and
> there's
> no co-pay because they're Medicare approved, Medicare will generally only
> give
> you 100 test strips a month, Walgreens even did the paper work so I can get
> 200
> strips monthly. With Medicare not paying for CGM I half to test 8 to 10 times
> daly.
> Angel, do you have other insurance besides Medicare?  I was told by Medicare,
> CVS, and my secondary insurance that Medicare will only pay 80% of their
> approved amount for strips and the insurance will pay the remaining 20%.  I
> wonder if I will ever figure all this out.  CVS is one of only a few
> pharmacies in my area that accepts Medicare assignment, so that is why I went
 > there. I have to file a claim with my secondary for the 20%, because Medicare
> and my secondary do not co-ordinate benefits for strips and insulin.
> Julia
> .
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