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[IP] RE: bolusing for protein

Susan wrote:


"So, this is what I conclude.  If you eat a nice chunk of meat with nothing
else, you may need some insulin as the body will use the protein as a carb
to some degree.  If you eat it with a carbs and it's a low fat meat (such as
chicken), you really don't need to dose for the protein.  On the other hand,
if it's a big fat chunk of fatty meat, I'd take some extra insulin and
extend the bolus."


Hi Susan - mostly I agree with you.    However, since YMMV, I thought I'd
share this with the group.  Several years ago, after going on the pump, I
did a simple test.  I ate a 12oz filet mignon and absolutely nothing else.
I took my blood sugar every hour (I didn't have CGMS), and for the first 3
hours absolutely no change in my blood sugar.  However, at hour 4, it shot
through the roof!  I agree with you that most of the time you don't need to
bolus anything, but I've found that for a very heavy protein meal (usually
steak, but any large amount of protein does it for me), I need to take a few
units about hour 3 too.  


Good luck!

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