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[IPn] 10 reasons

One of your pump friends wrote:

My top ten reasons why I subscribe to Insulin-Pumpers Organization:
1. Donations are tax deductable.
2.  If I have a question about pump supplies, medication, pending 
surgeries, I can get answers from members who have been there before 
or by looking it up on the main web site.
3. I laugh at the Change a Lancet and how it is totally gross.
4.  I can talk about my pet peeves (mine lately is repeatedly 
pricking my finger and getting no blood).
5.  The chat room is awesome and I know it is safe and free from 
those looking for love in all the wrong places (Yahoo messenger).
6.  I have gotten past my "Don't talk, Don't tell" issue about having
diabetes. I really feel that I am not alone!
7.  The administrative/Help desk people are always available to 
answer any questions or concerns.
8.  For those who need supplies, can get them and are encouraged to 
help with postage as it is only fair.
9. There are many really cool people to talk to with Diabetes.
10.  If I had a bad day, ya'll help me feel better.



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