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Re: [IP] Re: Medicare and CGM

If you are ever curious about another member...go into the Members only 
section on the Insulin Pumpers website and look in All Members 
Profiles.  Search by e-mail address and you can review that person's 
profile.  I use it frequently, not so much to find out who's who, but 
usually what kind of pump a person uses.

You can update the information in your personal profile by writing to 
Help@insulin-pumpers.org, for example, if you have a new pump (:-) Still 
using that MM504???NOT!!!) or you've added a CGMS ( :-) :-) ) or if you 
now have complications that you didn't have when you originally joined 
(:'( ). Write exactly like you're introducing yourself to a crowd of 
diabetics that you don't know, leaving out personal information such as 
addresses, birth dates and phone numbers and the volunteer 
administrators will gladly change your profile.

Denise Br.

On 2/20/2014 9:41 AM, Jerry Smith wrote:
> Curyl and Greg,
 > Is 'Curyl' your name? I aam frustrated by your continuing redundant posts
 > Medicare and your excellent coverage through SDI in Indiana. This is an issue
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