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Re: [IP] Fund drive for Insulin pumpers SHOULD be labeled as "Funding for making a pump using diabetics life tolerable"

Michael is a whiz with tape and baling wire, no doubt about it, but his 
luck (and the hard drives, the monitors, the servers and the mouse that 
runs in the wheel to keep the lights on) can't hold out forever.  I am 
grateful to IP for new cyber friends, some of whom I write to offlist 
now and then.

But I'm sitting here on a break from shoveling snow with a good BG of 
93.  Who keeps reminding me to lower my basal rate before exercise?  The 
IP list, of course. Without it, I'd be in the kitchen right now, 
shoveling sugar instead of snow.

Denise Br.

On 2/17/2014 12:51 PM, Annabella Lewis wrote:
 > Yerachmiel: I agree with everything you say. I would never have gotten
> those 1st
> months of pumping without the help of Insulin Pumpers.
 > I also think we who have found so much assistance here should be ashamed for
> putting
 > Michael through the 3 monthly chore of fund raising. He could better use his
> time helping
 > those who need it. I realise not everyone can afford to give much, but I
> we would all
 > miss Insulin Pumpers if it had to shut down because the equipment finally
> up.
> Annabella
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