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Re: [IP] T-Slim infusion set

I love them because they're a 90 degree angle set and I just count 1-2-3 
and slap it in.  Way less tissue trauma than a Comfort.  They also take 
just a tiny bit less insulin to prime and I do my best to conserve 
insulin - mostly because t-slims are pretty wasteful compared to Animas 
and MM pumps. Also, I can stick the cannula in without having to work 
around the tubing (unlike Insets).

Another nice feature is that instead of pulling out if you drop your 
pump, it lets loose at the site.  I was standing on a ladder washing 
windows and just retrieved my pump from the ground and reconnected it.  
(not too sanitary, but I was going to change out cartridge and infusion 
set shortly thereafter and darn it, I wanted to finish those windows!:-) ).

A bad feature is that they let loose from the site when you don't want 
them to.  If you are accustomed to sleeping with your pump floating 
around your bed, this might not be the best thing because your pump 
could get loose while you're sleeping.  I clip my t-slim to my bra and 
the tubing is under my pj's.  Currently I am using up a box of Comforts, 
but I keep peeking into the box wanting to get back to using t-sets! Am 
considering adding paper tape over the site at bedtime for added 
security.  Comforts, on the other hand, snap in with a loud click and I 
don't worry about them.

The first time that I inserted one, I was terribly confused about the 
plastic holder that is used for disposing of the inserter needle... Too 
funny!  There's a plastic cup that the used inserter needle goes in.  I 
must have spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure it out.  You will get 
used to finding which way is which so your needle is going in the right 
direction, another thing that's tricky about them.

I had a terrible time getting samples.  Send me your snail mail address 
and I will send you a couple.  They're Luer-lock, so you will have to 
get the adapter cartridges from Fifty-50 in order to use them in an MM.

On 2/16/2014 9:08 AM, Sharon Brousseau wrote:
> My endocrinologist recommended that I try the T-slim infusion set from MM
> because I kept pulling out the Mio sets or crimping them. I was
> apprehensive at first but I think this is going to work for me.  I seen on
> Facebook that there is a body builder using the sets. I do work out but
> have no plan to be a body builder.
> This is my first try with this infusion set. Is anybody elso using the
> T-Slims with success?
> .
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