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[IPn] what I do to raise funds for IP

Hi Everyone,

During pledge drives someone always asks what else IP does to raise 
operating funds.


Well.... Since August of last year I've spent weeks writing and 
submitting  over 400 requests and proposals to 400+ foundations and 
spent almost $5,000 for postage paid research to identify the "best" 
prospects. Today I received another of a series of sorry letters, 
bringing the total for this effort to a whopping "36". That's the 
fruit of the labor so far   ;-(

I have to say that after almost 20 years of running Insulin Pumper, 
the last couple of years have been pretty discouraging. I am doing my 

best to hold IP together with duct tape and rubber bands, but it 
takes a least  "some"  money to keep things going. Since the economic 

downturn a couple of years ago the pump companies have pretty much 
flaked out for us. You can look at the banners on IP's home page to 
see who's left... and several of them will go away in the next month.

So... that leave the members. If you guys and gals (over 6000 of you 
now) would each pony up a friggin' DOLLAR each, 4 time a year there 
would be no pledge drives. Yeah,... I suppose that's not gonna happen 

so perhaps those of you that actually care will have to continue to 
support Insulin Pumpers. 

There are about a hundred VALIANT sustaining members that give every 
month and a like number of very generous donors that give every 
pledge drive.


There are also about a dozen CHALLENGERS every quarter that offer to 
double the value of pledges made by IP's small and medium sized 


One of those challenger, MARYLAND, still has $140 bucks waiting for 
someone to match. Will it be you?

		PLEASE CONTRIBUTE, your dollars are needed.

mail a contribution to:

	Insulin Pumpers
	558 Valley Way
	Milpitas, CA 95035

Thanks for listening/reading and thanks for your support.
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org