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Re: [IP] itching mastisol

I use Skin Tac. I checked the product package and website and didn't see
anything about it containing Mastisol. I use it for infusion sets and my
Dexcom sensors. I take an empy Rx bottle, about an inch in diameter. Press the
bottle (without the cap) into the site to use, so I can see a circle. I swipe
the Skin TacB  aournd the circle, leaving the inner circle alone(I use the
liquid, available from the medtroincs site - you don't need to be a medtronics
pumper to purchase). It works really well, I can sweat - no problems coming
unstuck, and it allows me to get two weeks form the sensor (important since I
am paying for my CGM out of pocket.

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> Okay, everyone out there, don't start yelling at me for not changing
> the heading on this email, but I'm a computer idiot and don't get how
> to do it.
> That said: B I have a question about Mastisol. B I used it for the first
> time this morning when I put my pod on and it's itching something
> fierce. Anyone out there have this problem and is there a chance that
> it will stop soon.

If your pod sites did not itch before and do itch with mastisol, you
are probably allergic to the stuff, some people are.

I'd suggest trying Cavilon Cream, it's available as a spray too, but
that's much more expensive per application.

Cavilon Cream made by 3M (1-800-2283957) product
number is 3392 Durable Barrier Cream.

Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film B - 3M #3346
comes in a pump spray bottle

This should be availabe in medical supply stores that serve ostomy

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