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Re: [IP] Re:: DexCom

I have used both the MM CGM and the Decom CGM.  I had the MM CGM first, the
older version that was hardly ever accurate for me.  I thought I loved it
being integrated into the pump because I could not lose the receiver.  When
I couldn't put up with the inaccuracies anymore I changed to a Dexcom.

I now realize I actually prefer to have a separate device for my CGM.  For
one, the screen on my Dexcom is easier to read than the small screen on my
pump.  I can keep it on my handlebars on a bike ride where I wouldn't want
to keep my pump.  I can put it on my bedside table propped up so when it
alarms I can see it without having to do anything.  I can put it right
under my pillow when I sleep so I hear the alarms go off, etc.  On runs, I
can clip it to my shorts and easily see the screen with their built in case
where I would have to unclip my pump to see the screen.  With that being
said, I have lost a couple of them over the years because they are not
attached to me with tubing.

I don't know if the alarms on the new minimed integrated CGM's are very
loud, but I would be in trouble if it was like my old minimed with CGM.  If
I was wearing it under clothing there is no way it would be loud enough.
The Dexcom is REALLY loud.  It embarrasses me in meetings all the time, but
it is configurable if I remember to do so.

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 7:13 AM, Signe Myhren <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Thanks to those who posted. I have been pretty happy with the Medtronic
> CGM,
> and love the integrated pump. The biggest drawback to CGM-ING is the need
> to
> have the pump in close proximity to the transmitter, which is a bummer
> from a
> wardrobe standpoint. Needing to turn off alarms means everyone knows I
> wear a
> pump. So to wear a pump plus a DexCom receiver is something I would never
> do.
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