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[IP] Re: Unused Medtronic Supplies

There are several people on this list who would like some of these. I will
send them for the cost of postage. You can pay me with PayPal or Bitcoin.

In my last message I forget to list two other things I no longer need:
A half-used box of IV3000; and
One and a half boxes of Tegaderm HP

The new enLite sensors have their own sticky tape, which is much smaller,
but still works much better than an IV3000 and is much less painful to
remove than a Tegaderm HP.

Here's my list of people so far:

Bob Tuerck lost his transmitter, so I'll send him one.  Bob, may I also
recommend the Tegaderm HP? It holds very well.

Adam Brock would like one or more of the holsters
Alan Segal did not specify which item(s) he wants.

Bo has no insurance - he said he can use everything on my list.

Liliana Wells suggested that Michael of insulin-pumpers.org may be able to
get these supplies to those in need. Thank you for that suggestion, but it
looks like there is plenty of need in the list above.

Signe Myhren reminded me that the transmitter and charger are compatible
with my 530G. Yes, I know that, but I have found that the newer
transmitters are more reliable than the old ones, and in the past Medtronic
has shipped replacements quickly when things have failed.


1. Does anyone other than Adam need a holster? (not a clip, which I prefer.
I could keep it around, but I haven't used it in 6 years.)

2. Bob, do you need the charger as well? If not, who needs one? How about
the Tagaderm tape?

3. Alan & Bo, which one of you can use the Guardian?

4. Who else would like the IV3000 or the Tegaderm?


On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Steven Schoch <
schoch6+email @ redacted> wrote:

> Since I switched from Medtronic's CGM to a pump in July, and then to the
> 530G in November, I have some leftover parts that I was wondering what I
> could do with.
> They are:
> 2 MiniLink transmitters (batteries may not be 100% but one still works);
> 2 spare transmitter chargers;
> 2 spare Sen-serters;
> 2 Paradigm 5xx holsters;
> 1 Guardian, used. (I actually have 2, but I'm keeping one for a while.)
> (For those of you who don't know, the Minimed Guardian is just like a 523,
> except it doesn't pump insulin.)
> --
> Steve
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