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Re: [IP] trying to find a supplier

I didn't think CCS was on the Medicare DMEPOS list.  I thought the whole
country had to switch to these limited number of suppliers if they get strips
through Medicare by mail order.  My confusion never ceases!

  Sarah, CVS got Medicare approval before they would give me the insulin.
They had to bill Medicare so they could let me know what my 20% co-pay was.
It took about 2 weeks because I am new to Medicare and I think Medicare
verifies your pump S/N with Medtronic before they will approve the first time.
CVS even had to tell them my height and weight!  Don't ask me why!

I use CCS and love them, there always there for any questions that I may
They took care of everything contacting insurance my doctor. I would
suggest them to anyone

Angel K Mason MH

> On Dec 31, 2013, at 9:31 AM, sarah jones <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I use CCS medical (ccsmed.com). They supply all my pump supplies and
> control solution, lancets. I have Medicare and Anthem blue cross and and
 > handle all the billing so I pay nothing. All they require is a testlog
> months showing that I'm testing as frequently as I say.
 > OTOH they don't sell insulin and I am trying to get my local Rite aid
 > with the Medicare paperwork. For my Novolog they require me to pay the
 > insurance 20% up front. Bought insulin in November and am still waiting
> to bill Medicare for it.
> Sarah
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