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Re: [IP] trying to find a supplier

 I use CCS and love them, there always there for any questions that I may have.
They took care of everything contacting insurance my doctor. I would definitely
suggest them to anyone

Angel K Mason MH

> On Dec 31, 2013, at 9:31 AM, sarah jones <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I use CCS medical (ccsmed.com). They supply all my pump supplies and strips,
> control solution, lancets. I have Medicare and Anthem blue cross and and they
 > handle all the billing so I pay nothing. All they require is a testlog every
> months showing that I'm testing as frequently as I say.
 > OTOH they don't sell insulin and I am trying to get my local Rite aid
 > with the Medicare paperwork. For my Novolog they require me to pay the
 > insurance 20% up front. Bought insulin in November and am still waiting for
> to bill Medicare for it.
> Sarah 
>> On Dec 31, 2013, at 7:08 AM, Julia R wrote:
>> I am new to Medicare and trying hard to figure out all the new rules for
 >> getting things. I have a secondary BCBS which is supposed to pay the 20%
>> Medicare does not pay.  So I went to CVS to order strips and insulin, since
>> CVS accepts Medicare assignment.  I found out that because my BCBS is not an
>> official supplementary Medicare plan, I had to pay cash for the 20% and
> submit
 >> a paper claim form to BCBS for it. The BCBS customer service person told me
 >> could avoid this extra step by using one of the mail order suppliers
>> accepts through the competitive bidding program.  The co-pay was amazingly
>> low, however.  Medicare's allowable cost for 700 strips is only $144. and my
 >> BCBS used to pay $807. for them. Live and learn, I guess. I don't know what
>> the Money Saving Program is.
>> Julia
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