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Re: [IP] Medtronic

That 530G has been out since September, so if the Pathway program is
starting in January, it's anything but "expedited".

After I commented on one of their Facebook posts about how dog-slow they've
been to address their loyal customers (preferring to focus instead on new
customers), they had someone call me. I guess that was supposed to somehow
appease me, but the guy who called had no new information about the Pathway
program, so it was worthless. Now if he was the call I'd been promised
within 90 days (it's already been more than 90 days since I got on "the
list"), we'd be getting somewhere. Alas, no such luck.

I'm a patient person (a "patient patient"?) but just simply tell me when
it's going to happen, so I can plan ahead for it (flex account dollars,
etc.), then keep your promises. Simple for most people, but apparently
difficult for the fools at Medtronic.

I will say that their 24-hour support line has been consistently great.
Everyone else over there: not so much.
On Dec 28, 2013 5:50 AM, "Signe Myhren" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  I just opened my e-mail folder this morning, and found a shipping
> notification
> from Medtronic. A single box, to be delivered January 6, 2014. I guess
> that's
> the SofSensors. I guess it means they WILL be shipped, as I have never had
> the
> transit time of a box from Medtronic be so lengthy. I am also betting I
> got that
> shipping notification after bashing Medtronic here (they have spies,) on
> the
> Medtronic Facebook page, and also on Twitter (which I only ever use when I
> feel
> I am getting lousy custome service! I hate having to bash at all, but I am
> a
> loyal customer who deserves to be treated as one.
>  Well, Medtronic had always treated me well in the past, so if they want
> to keep
> me as their loyal customer, they are now going to have a chance!
>  I anxiously await Jerry's news about his new MM pump with Enlite sensors.
> If he
> is a happy camper, I will get on board and order the new pump. The pathway
> program is going to be expedited in January, according to Medtronic's
> Facebook
> page!
> Signe
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