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RE: [IP] Re: Medicare and pump rental

Curly, the only knowledge I recall you giving is that you get all of your
diabetes supplies for free. I hope you can understand how that might make
the others on this list feel, especially those who really struggle to pay
for their supplies. 

It would be like me writing to constantly say, "I have great insurance and
can afford to have diabetes." 

On Tuesday, you responded to Siles, who also has gotten pumps without paying
anything out of pocket for them, with: "I'm SO Glad I'm not the only
person(s) who get pumps & stuff from  Meidcare 
for frre   NO COST!!!"

It kind of reverberates, and it was in the middle of some posts from people
about how it was annoying for you to be constantly rubbing it in. It was if
you were saying, "nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah nyah!"

Siles does not make the cost - or, in your case, non-cost - of anything the
subject of every post. In fact, this is the first time he's said anything
about that, as far as I know.

I'm sure you have something helpful to add to the conversation, but "I get
my stuff for free" isn't it. Please think of another way to contribute to
the forum.

Jan and Elvis

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Happy Holidays to you also Sue.  
I just answer & give the knowledge that I know of.  being  "insulting" to 
som eor not.  I also give to Dianetic foundations & have  set some people
eof my extra supplies at times.
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