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Re: [IP] Re: Medicare and pump rental

Excellent, thank you for sharing your knowledge on a confusing topic
(Medicare/Medmciaid funding sources.)

On Wednesday, December 18, 2013, Pam Brown wrote:

> Mike, I can't speak for Sue of course, but I think you misinterpreted her
> original post. Unlike you, I read it not as saying that people are getting
> things like Medicare for free. We all know we pay for Medicare. The payroll
> tax we pay is what gets us free Part A and everyone has to pay for the
> Part B
> premium (although some with very low incomes actually do have federal and
> state assistance programs that do pay for Part B as well as Part A if they
> didn't work and contribute themselves long enough).
> However I believe Sue was referring to the 20% Medicare coinsurance that
> individuals have to pay for most medical services including pumps, sets,
> insulin, etc. The point is that if the individual is not paying that 20%
> themselves directly or by purchasing a supplemental policy or through an
> employer/retiree secondary policy, then the rest of us are somehow paying
> that
> person's coinsurance. That could be as taxpayers contributing to federal or
> state assistance programs like Medicaid or one of the Medicare assistance
> programs like QMB. It could also be that the providers/suppliers are
> writing
> off the balance for some people, meaning the rest of us pay higher prices
> to
> make up for it. So in those instances we are all paying for someone else's
> 20%
> share.
> I'm not against that because I believe that's what a civilized society is
> all
> about - everyone who can paying a little extra either through taxes or
> higher
> prices to help those who are less fortunate and can't help themselves.
> However
> I think Sue's point was that it doesn't help when the rest of us are
> struggling with the high costs of this disease to have someone who somehow
> is
> benefitting even if they aren't aware of how, to constantlypoint it out ad
> nauseum even when politely asked to refrain. Pam
> >You dignified my comments by hitting respond.  However, your original
> comment
> is what I question and commented on.  As a conservative, it bothers me when
> folks make pointed remarks like you directed at someone.>
> .
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