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Re: RE: [IP] Re: Medicare and pump rental


Thank you for your service!  That was a nasty war and I have many family
members with the scars to prove it. 

Please explain how the comment you made helped anyone, provided any guidance,
etc.  It didn't.   You even called it out yourself at the end.  I just through
the flag.

You dignified my comments by hitting respond.  However, your original comment
is what I question and commented on.  As a conservative, it bothers me when
folks make pointed remarks like you directed at someone.  These only serve to
justify the erroneous beliefs that have been perpetrated by certain folks
about conservatives.  We can have our big group hug but that doesn't change
the snyde remark you sent out. 

Btw...I did not question you and the VA.  I clearly stated that someone else
did earlier.  I would never question someone's service as in my immediate
family we have more than 56 years of service and the extended family has more
than 50 veteran's.  The VA has been pretty good yet somewhat frustrating to me
but in the end it works.  I just wish they would bill my civilian health
insurance like they are supposed to.


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