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[IP] Re: BACKUP FOR YOUR ANIMAS PING - reply to Diane Carter / Thu, 12 Dec 2013


Not good news for you on your back up Animas pump (presume it's a 2020?).
 All software on their pumps has a death date (even the PING).   I
interviewed the head honchos earlier in 2012 - and got the nitty gritty
details out of them (sneaky you know what's - it's all about profits - sad
to say).

My 2020 aka George Michael that is presently out of warranty and still
working (tho' he goes on hiatus next week for a few months - I like to take
pump breaks).  He is replacement that I managed to get 1 month before
warranty ended as the previous one had serious probs.  I hope GM lasts
until the death date of it's internal s/w - Dec 31/15.  It will **NOT**
work past that date.

I've had s/w engineers try to figure this one out - we've come up with
scenarios - but until that date comes - and they can get their hands on it
- to figure it out - it's not being touched until it falls into foul play
again (over the 4 years with Animas I had 3 replacements).  I've written
about this extensively within the DOC (diabetic online community) - I also
posted about it at Diabetes1.org.

Medtronic and Accu-Chek pumps do not have this end date s/w issue - just
incase you ever decide to change.  I have learned thru' IP to always ask
the manufacturer about this - and I thank them for that bit of news -
provided you receive the truth - as I found in my research on the 2020
pumps s/w issue - you'd get different versions - but in the end - the truth
came out with my persistence. :)

Psst, I paid for my pump out of pocket - it's like a loan really - but so
worth it IMHO - but nice if my $7K investment can last as long as it can
with no hiccups. Also applying for Disability Tax Credit (only in Canada -
sorry my American friends) - helps soften the financial blow.

FatCatAnna \\^^//  from Canada
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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 10:56:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Diane Carter <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Medicare and pumps

It was every 4 years for a new pump for me until I went on Medicare...now 5
years...even though I had purchased my original pump before Medicare.  They
made me wait an additional year. I was fortunate my original Animas pump
the extra year without problems.  I now have it as a backup for my Animas

Diane from MI  pumping since 06
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