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[IP] Re: Postage

Dear Denise,

Mom got the utilities back on as a birthday gift! I meant phone and heat;
both are back on now. Electricity is included with rent, which is stupidly
cheap. I have actually been very lucky..

Oleatha? Sounds like a Southside street, which is where I live now. But
there is a church on every corner here, lol! I'd sure like to find it,

There is still some snow, and it looks pretty. Going to be rather "nice"
today--30 degrees and brilliantly sunny. Don't worry, I won't be out long
enough for frostbite. I am taking your warning to heart; It will go down to
7 degrees tonight, and I'll be inside. With the heat on! Using my lap
warmer. Ella the Dog.

This month, I also maybe able to afford the adapters for the infusion sets
that you had, if you still have them. Mom gives generous pretty generous
Christmas gifts, as a rule. She has been a lifesaver.

Thank your, dear! Stay warm up North.

Urb (Brenda)

On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, d-d wrote:

> Dear Urb,
> You'd better not be donating postage until you have lights and heat again.
>  Thanks to you jogging my memories of living in the same town, I found
> where I spent 12 months as a child on Oleatha Street, next to a yellow
> brick church.  I remember playing in snow - although your Midwest is south
> of My Midwest, please take care not to get frostbite - it's bad for us with
> D!
> Denise
> On 12/11/2013 8:59 AM, Urb Anism wrote:
>> Dear IP,
>> A fellow pumper in Scotland, Joel, graciously donated some Medtronic pump
>> supplies to me. I offered to reimburse him for postage, but Joel suggested
>> that I donate the (considerable) postage to Insulin Pumpers instead.
>> (Beautiful meta-generosity; I wish I'd thought of it.) Postage from
>> Scotland to the American Midwest is nothing at which to sneeze!
> .
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