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[IP] Postage

Dear IP,

A fellow pumper in Scotland, Joel, graciously donated some Medtronic pump
supplies to me. I offered to reimburse him for postage, but Joel suggested
that I donate the (considerable) postage to Insulin Pumpers instead.
(Beautiful meta-generosity; I wish I'd thought of it.) Postage from
Scotland to the American Midwest is nothing at which to sneeze!

I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Several people have shown remarkable kindness; donating
supplies and waiving the postage. I am in rather dire straights (like, no
heat, no electricity levels of dire), and truly appreciated the help.

If a person wanted postage reimbursed, however, I was determined to do it. *But
no one ever has. *Joel made the excellent point that IP has helped both of
us out, so why not donate the postage to Michael at IP?

It's a really wonderful idea I wanted to share. If someone has donated
supplies, and waived postage, why not donate it to IP? After all, IP made
the connections possible. These connections have allowed me to stay on the
pump during a severe, extended illness. I hate to think how much worse the
illness and hardship would have been without the pump.

Thanks to IP, and to Joel, and to all those who donate pump and CMS
supplies to fellow Pumpers. I can't wait to recover, get back to work, and
pay it forward. In the meantime, IP gets the postage!

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