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Re: [IP] New and hoping for a pump.

I think is CDE is tied to the doctor's office she practices in.  When I
used to be see an endocrinologist, I would see him every six months; but in
between I would see a CDE.  They would alternate every three months.  It
made a lot of sense.  I liked the CDE more than I liked the doctor.  I
would think that in the Phoenix area there would be
several endocrinologists.  I hope one of the IP members live in Phoenix and
can recommend another.  This lack of testing sounds very fishy.  Good luck.

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 7:03 AM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted> wrote:

> It's not stupid at all. I don' t think I have had ANY tests to determine
> what type I am. I am fat, therefore I am type 2, right? I don't think my
> current endocrinologist would order them because she seems to discount
> everything I say. Even before I knew I had a tumor, I asked her if I might
> have a hormone problem and she immediately said no and didn't order any
> tests. My CDE though is great even though she works for the lady.  I wonder
> if she would order the tests without consulting the endo.  I personally
> wonder if I'm not late onset type 1 and have for a long time. I don't
> understand why doctor's don't get that we have been in our bodies longer
> than they have been practicing medicine.
> My nephrologist today confirmed he thinks I have a pheochromocytoma. It is
> a very rare hormone releasing adrenal tumor. Mine is producing more than
> 3.5x the upper limits of normal noradrenalin, which does play a role in
> glucose control, although I am still not exactly sure how.  He is referring
> me to a urology surgeon.  I am a little concerned that this surgeon is a
> urologist and not an endocrinologist. We are after all, dealing with
> hormones. I guess when I meet him, I will have to ask him his experience
> with these tumors.
> I did talk to my endocrinologist about the results of my blood tests for
> this tumor and she just shrugged and said she saw them before I asked her
> and "it's because I smoke". (Yes I am actively trying to quit, its very
> hard even more so when you have tons of adrenalin in your system) She
> wouldn't give me the time of day to discuss it or anything.  I have blood
> tests from a few months before when I was smoking the same amount on the
> same exact dosages of the same meds and the levels were right at the edge
> of high normal. I don't think her "smoking" explanation stands ground very
> well, nor do I find anything in scientific literature that supports that.
> I may have to switch endocrinologists or at least get a second opinion
> with another. If I do leave that would mean also leaving my CDE. :(  So
> sure send me along the name of a good endocrinologist. I am in the Phoenix
> area.
> On a good note I did get an email back today from the Charles Ray III
> Diabetes Association asking for my prescription and saying they would be
> glad to help me with a pump. Calling my CDE when she is open this morning
> to make sure that gets done today or tomorrow. :)
> On 12/4/2013 8:01 AM, Susan Lane wrote:
>> Louree, this may be a really stupid question, but have you had all of the
>> tests to determine if you might be a type 1 diabetic.  I was originally
>> diagnosed with type 2, but I went and had further testing and found out
>> that I'm a type 1 for sure.  I am also in Arizona and if you would like to
>> speak or a referral for a good endocrinologist, please let me know.  Susan
>> On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 6:35 AM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>  My name is Louree Carter. I am 42 and type 2 insulin dependent. I have
>>> been following along reading posts for a week or so trying to get a feel
>>> of
>>> this list. I am not a pumper as of yet. I applied to the Charles Ray III
>>> Diabetes Association for a pump last week. My insurance, medicaid in
>>> Arizona, doesn't cover the pump for anyone over 21, but strangely does
>>> cover the supplies. They also cover the One Touch UltraLink meter/strips
>>> as
>>> the only linking meter, but I found out that the meter has been
>>> discontinued. They don't cover any CGM's. I really think they do that
>>> just
>>> to discourage people from using the pump. My medical bills in the last
>>> month from diabetes related stuff alone has cost them more than a new
>>> pump
>>> twice over I am sure. Let's not even go into what it's cost them in the
>>> last year!  It makes no sense to me.
>>> I am really frustrated. My diabetes is really out of control. I have been
>>> swinging from ~400 to ~170 several times a day. Sometimes I go as high as
>>> 580, and I have been in the ICU for HHNS. My last a1c was 9.9 and
>>> everything we do doesn't seem to matter much. My CDE changed my Levemir
>>> to
>>> twice a day and I am swinging a little less. I am hoping with a steady
>>> basal dose 24 hours a day I won't swing wildly at all and I will feel a
>>> lot
>>> better. I have just about every known complication of diabetes short of
>>> blindness and amputation, although luckily at this point they are all
>>> mild
>>> to moderate.
>>> I have an appointment today to find out the status of my kidneys and also
>>> to find out what is going on with my known adrenal tumor. I am being
>>> tested
>>> for a pheochromocytoma. From what I have read, that in itself could be
>>> causing my diabetes to be so out of control. We will see.
>>> Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what my
>>> situation is.
>>> Take care everyone,
>>> Louree
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