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[IP] Change to preferred glucose test strips

I received this letter yesterday. I use a Medtronic 723 pump and a Bayer
contour Next Link Meter.

Obviously I cannot use either of the strips being offered. I will have to
try to get a waiver. More paper work.



November 25, 2013


625 State Street, PO Box 2207

Schenectady, NY 12301 2207


RE: Change to preferred glucose test strips

At MVP Health Care, we strive to provide the best customer service and the
highest quality benefit plans for you.

MVP's Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, which includes local physicians and
pharmacists, has made changes

to the formulary (three tier drug list). Effective January 1, 2014, select
test strips will require prior authorization.

MVP will cover OneTouch. (Lifescan.), Freestyle. and Precision. (Abbott)
blood glucose meters and test strips without prior authorization.

Our records indicate that you have recently filled a prescription for
CONTOUR NEXT TEST STRIP. You should contact your provider to discuss
changing to one of the Lifescan. or Abbott. glucose meters listed below. You
will also need a prescription from your doctor for test strips. Then contact
one of the manufacturers below to obtain a free glucose meter.

Manufacturer     Glucose meters  How to get your free meter

Abbott   Freestyle. Lite Freestyle. Freedom Lite                    Call 1
866 224 8892 OR

               Freestyle. InsuLinx Precision. Xtra
. Order online at www.ChooseFreestyle.com

Lifescan  OneTouch) Ultra0 2 OneTouch. Verio. IQ           Call 1 855 306
2261 Use Order  Code: 544MVP100 OR

OneTouch. UItraMini.
 Order online at


Use order Code: 544MVP100

We have notified your provider that you may be calling them to discuss
changing to one of the glucose meters listed above.

If you have any questions, please call the phone number shown in the Member
section on the back of your ID card. We look forward to continuing to help
you take on life and live well.


James R. Hopsicker, RPh, MBA

Vice President, Pharmacy Programs

"MVP Health Care" is the parent company of MVP Health Insurance Company; MVP
Health Plan, Inc.; MVP Health Insurance Company of New Hampshire, Inc.; MVP
Health Plan of New Hampshire, Inc.; MVP Select Care, Inc.; Preferred
Administrative Services, Inc.; and Preferred Assurance Company, Inc., which
issue or administer health benefit plans. Not all plans available in all
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