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Re: [IP] Dexcom transmitter

Jan, I just had my transmitter fail and I've been without my Dex for a few
days now.  My transmitter did give me a warning, but it still took time for
insurance to approve a new one, and the PA at the doc's office didn't date
the form and anything that could go wrong did.  I finally called my
insurance company and got things rolling with Dexcom's help and I'm
supposed to get my new one tomorrow.  I had to pay extra to have it over

I had to do a 60 mile bike ride without it and I was a nervous wreck.  I
started going down and the next time I checked I was at 300.  Then I went
low a little later.  I need my Dexcom.  I am addicted to it.  Last night I
woke up and I was at 51.  Thank goodness I have to pee at night.  I'm even
putting off spinning class until tomorrow when my sensor is lovingly
embedded into my stomach.

BTW, I am having minor hand surgery this Friday and the doc said if I had
to I could take a glucose tablet.  I wouldn't have waited until I was in
the 40's.  Too dangerous.  Hope all went well for you.  Susan

On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 2:13 PM, Jan Chait <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello
> Just as an FYI, for those wondering how you can tell when the transmitter
> battery on your Dexcom D4 is about to go belly up - it tells you. You'll
> get
> a message along the lines of "your battery is about to die - order a new
> transmitter."
> When this happened to me a couple of weeks ago, a person at Dexcom said the
> transmitter would work another week.
> Unfortunately, it was at a really bad time, as I was scheduled for a
> medical
> procedure. I am hypo unaware and was running in the 40s that morning and
> couldn't have anything to eat or drink. They had an IV line in and Dextrose
> running before I'd gotten undressed or into the bed in the pre-op area. LOL
> Diabetes sure isn't dull.
> Jan and Elvis
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