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Re: [IP] Re: Dexcom Conduct?

I have just returned from my weekly diabetic pump users group meeting.  One
of my friends told me that his new Tandem and G6 (YES REALLY A G6) have
been shipped.  AND MEDICARE IS PAYING FOR ALL OF IT.  Apparently its an
early release for Medicare and the G6.

Great news,
George E Eberhardt
(732) 224-8988

On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 11:32 AM Scarlett Hepworth <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi, Alice.
> Welcome to Medicare, where the G6 has not received approval for
> subsidizing. Sigh.  That is supposed to happen later this year.  I'm not
> holding my breath.
> Yes, both Dexcom and Tandem agents can be touchy when contacted.  I think
> even they are tired of us old folks calling in with our problems.  What
> usually happens actually happened to me yesterday, again. I called Dexcom
> with a problem, the agent said it was a Tandem problem and wanted to
> transfer me, I begged the agent not to transfer me, since I knew Tandem
> would transfer me back to Dexcom (which they did). But that is the Dexcom
> protocol. So nowadays I take ownership of this situation and do two things:
> resign myself to any phone call taking a long time and perhaps not being a
> single call but two or perhaps three, and trying to remember that their
> agents are doing the best they can with a very frustrated consumer
> population, namely Medicare patients who didn't get the systems they'd been
> used to for years and who have had to lower their expectations of ease and
> accuracy. Oh, and if you're thinking it would be wise to just call Tandem
> first?  My experience is not necessarily. Tandem, too, refers you to
> Dexcom.  It's just a nutty, crazy, stupid system and I'm sure the agents
> hate it, too.
> One more tip: keep in mind that you'll only get one transmitter at a time,
> no backup in case of failure. That's when it's good to know a group of G5
> users who are not on Medicare, people who will let you have their backup
> transmitters while you wait for your new one to be shipped from Dexcom.
> Then you give your kind donor the new one you received. Did I already say
> nutty, crazy, stupid?  Well, First World Problem. I have to remember I'd be
> dead if it weren't for insulin.
> Scarlett
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