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[IP] Tandem tslimx2 Power Source Alert

Appreciatehearing othersb experience and solutions with this Alert.

B In July I gotthis Alert on my pump B while eatingbreakfast and charging the
pump:B  B The pump cannot charge using the current powersource.B  Please try a
different powersource.

This seemedstrange since my Dexcom and my phone were also charging on the same
extensioncord.B  But being obedient I tried usingdifferent outlets, used the
backup cable for the Tandem, switched the usb plugconnector.B  After 15
minutes the pumpsuddenly jumped to 100% charged.B  Iwatched it the next few
days and all seemed well.

Now today, 15 dayslater, I got the Alert again.B  I hadplugged in the pump
B at 90% and charged totop it off.B  in 20 minutes I checked to see if it was
at100 yet and found no, the pump was now only 5% charged.B  This time I called
The rep was familiarwith this.B  I was told the solution wasto plug the pump
charger into a wall socket and wait 30 minutes, and the pump would beback to
normal.B  The Tandem rep said hewould call me back.B  As the 30 minuteswent by
I saw the pump show the lightning bolt charge signal but the charged
amountreduced from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1.B  Andwhen it hit 0 the pump shut

Iwaited for the call back which did come.
Now I was toldto find another wall outlet and the pump should reboot.B  It did
and now it read 100% charged.B  Because of the shut off, the pump said to put
ina new cartridge.B  The rep said he wouldwalk me thru that but it was the
same as when I refill instead of a newcartridge so I did it myself.

I am wonderingif others have this problem.B  The Tandemrep treated it as a
business as usual problem.B Nothing wrong with the pump was brought up at
all.B  Just the way it works.B  Maybe it is a common occurrence?

I can ofcourse think of lots of situations when I donbt have 30 minutes to
play withthis.B  Or even access to an outlet tocharge it.B  If it occurs again
I am tocall Tandem back.B  Meanwhile I wonderwhat othersb experience is.


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