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[IP] Medicare (of course)

Can anyone tell me why Medicare has arbitrarily decided that the warranty
period for MM pumps is 5 years, when the "real" insurance companies all use
4 years?  


I'm 73 years old and have been pumping for 13 years.  My current MM pump is
4 years & 5 months old.  I'm trying to get away from MM, because they have
been treating me quite badly since I've been on Medicare.  Now they won't
send me sufficient reservoirs with my orders,  and I had to buy several
boxes from an on-line company because I was reusing them for over 2 weeks.
I'm sure I'll go through the same thing with them when I need more.


I met with the Tandem rep last week and am very excited about the T:slim.
I want it yesterday!  LOL  Anyway, Medicare won't buy it for me until
December.  And who knows what other issues they'll come up with then.


I've worked all my life, since I was a kid, served my country as a Navy
Nurse, and am a disabled vet.  I think I (and ALL of us who worked hard all
our lives) deserve the benefits we earned.  Being treated as 2nd class
citizens when we need help the most is just wrong.


Sorry for my venting, but this is the only place I can say all this and be



"One of the greatest experiences in life is making a difference in someone
else's life." 
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