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Re: [IP] Pumps?

I have been pumping since 11/1999 and have had a wide variety of them. I am 
on a Tandem X2 right now and a Dexcom G5 CGM. Now I did try the omnipod and 
in 3 days knocked off 3 times. Having tubing is NOT an issue for me. Now My 
1st pump was a MiniMed 504 and they were bought out by Medtronics which was 
a disaster (not the pump but Medtronics). On the 504 it was replaced to the 
Medtronics version of the 504 and the case continually cracked. The next 
pump I had was the Deltec  Cosmo which was great and intuitive to use. After 
Deltec went under I went to the Animas Ping which was very good. We moved to 
GA  and my new Endo would not prescribe anything other than a Medtronic pump 
(he was getting kickbacks from Medtronics. Found new Endo liked patients to 
do their own research on pumps and would support their decision.    The Omni 
pod works great for some people, however I found it cumbersome. I liked the 
Animas Ping the then the Vibe. No real issues with them. 3 years ago at Tour 
de Cure ATL I saw the TANDEM pump. I was impressed with the metal case, 
300ml capacity, and later when the ir next gen X2 arrived The upgradability 
of the software  without having to get an entirely new pump was a no 
brainer. My X2 when I got it was not intrgrated with the Dexcom G5. When the 
software upgrade to allow it to act as a Dexcom G5 receiver. At that point I 
got an Email with a code from Tandem, plugged the pump into my computer and 
ran the necessary SW UPDATE so it would act as r G5 receiver as well as a 
pump. Later this year Tandem will be upgrading the software working with 
their PLGS Predictive Low Glucose Suspend that works with the Dex G% and 
That will be downloaded.

Personally I despise Medtronics as a company for a number of reasons, 1. 
Predatory sales tactics. Demanding Drs only prescribe their pumps. 2. price 
gouging the end users I was part of a class action suit dealing with them 
inflating the billing for supplies and failing to file insurance properly. 3 
Bad service with the end users, when they bought out MiniMed their people 
had no idea how to work with the end users, they were demanding our Doctors 
offices only call them. I can not and will not recommend any Medtronic 
product pump or otherwise.

I know you do not have  Dexcom CGM and your a1c is under 6.5. Have you ever 
considered using a CGM? It is NOT just tor those with poor control. A CGM is 
a great tool.  Now do you really know what your BGL is at any point without 
a stick? Testing 6 to 8 times a day gives you only 6-8 points to work with. 
A CGM is a tool that allows you to plot in real time what is happening to 
your Glucose levels. I have found that it has allowed me to really fine tune 
my basil rates, carb rates and correction factors. With the upcoming 
integration of the pump to the Dexcom PLGS I will have a means to prevent 
crashing. The CGM has also allowed me to set more effective basil rates for 
sick days, cardio workouts and better non work days.  This is a personal 
choice based on my experiences.

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Subject: [IP] Pumps?

My current pump is a MiniMed and off warranty. So I'm comparing what's on 
market trying to make a good choice. I have looked at all the info on lime 
talked to rep's.  I would like the list's input on pros/cons between Omni 
Tandem,  and 670G MiniMed. I am not using a CGM, my hA1C is always less than

Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Gordon Groover TI-32, pumping 16 yrs
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