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Re: [IP] Pumps?

 I am a big fan of the Tandem, even though that isnbt my current pump. It seems
to be technologically ahead of the others. Nice touch screen interface and the
software in the latest (X2?) is user upgradable.
 So, as new features get approved by the FDA, you can upgrade your pump. Most
upgrades these days have to do with closed loop things, so if you are not on a
CGM, that may not mean much for you.

 I like the Omnipod and I did use it for a while. You can jump in the shower or
in a lake and not have to worry about it. It lasts 3 days plus 8 hours and then
each pod expires. You need to fill it with a minimum of 80 units, so if you have
a low total daily does that could be an issue. And itbs tubeless. I have
snagged my tubing and pulled out an infusion set from time to time, including in
the dead of night which was no fun at all. My problem with the Omnipod was the
failure rate of the pods. The alleged average failure rate is 1 or 2%, but my
failure rate was at least 10% and I got tired of dealing with it. Customer
service is great and they will readily replace failed pods.

 The Minimed 670g, seems to have split the house with some people loving it and
some hating it. However, the haters seem to have issues with Auto mode, which is
their hybrid closed loop thing that requires the Minimum CGM.

 Currently using an old Minimed with Dexcom for a closed loop, and I have no
desire to upgrade.


 On Apr 11, 2018, at 2:26 PM, Groover, Gordon
<email @ redacted> wrote:

My current pump is a MiniMed and off warranty. So I'm comparing what's on the
market trying to make a good choice. I have looked at all the info on lime and
talked to rep's.  I would like the list's input on pros/cons between Omni Pod,
Tandem,  and 670G MiniMed. I am not using a CGM, my hA1C is always less than

Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Gordon Groover TI-32, pumping 16 yrs
email @ redacted<mailto:email @ redacted>
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