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[IP] Re: insulin through Part B costs me more

That's all good advice, but the only problem for someone already on Medicare
Advantage is that they might not be able to switch to a Medigap without
medical underwriting. When you're new to Medicare you have a Medigap open
enrollment period where they have to take you, but after that, barring a
special guaranteed issue period, they can do medical underwriting and deny you
or charge you more than everyone else depending on your health. If you first
joined an Advantage plan at age 65 and don't like it, anytime in the first 12
months you have a trial period where you can drop it and get a guaranteed
Medigap. After that though you're stuck unless your Advantage plan leaves your
area or significantly raises prices, which then triggers a Medigap guaranteed
issue right. So it just depends on the circumstances.B  Some states have
additional Medigap rights beyond the federal ones. Your SHIP can tell you more
about your rights to a Medigap. Also, other than that trial period, you also
can't disenroll from an Advantage plan mid-year. You have to wait for fall
open enrollment or the Medicare Advantage disenrollment period between Jan. 1
- Feb. 14 each year. These are some of the reasons why it's really important
to do your research and homework before starting Medicare. Making the wrong
decisions can really cost you and lock you in otherwise. Pam

<That is the 'Catch 22' of Medicare (dis)Advantage Plans.B  They cover but
copays are ridiculous.B  When my 'co-pay' hit over $700 for 6 vials of
Apidra I changed to Medicare with AARP Supplemental. The Supplemental costs
me $143 monthly but that beats the $146 you pay Plus it covers everything
else except minimal co-pays like $18 for a visit to a Retinologist.
Otherwise all Insulin and Pump Supplies are covered 100%.B  Go to
Medicare.gov and create your prescription list (there are only 3 on mine so
I opted for cheapest, a 'Walmart' Plan. As far as the Medigap coverage I
opted for a Policy N. The website can show you all the options and
coverages and give you an estimate of yearly costs.>
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