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Re: [IP] Insulin through part B costs me more

That is the 'Catch 22' of Medicare (dis)Advantage Plans.  They cover but
copays are ridiculous.  When my 'co-pay' hit over $700 for 6 vials of
Apidra I changed to Medicare with AARP Supplemental. The Supplemental costs
me $143 monthly but that beats the $146 you pay Plus it covers everything
else except minimal co-pays like $18 for a visit to a Retinologist.
Otherwise all Insulin and Pump Supplies are covered 100%.  Go to
Medicare.gov and create your prescription list (there are only 3 on mine so
I opted for cheapest, a 'Walmart' Plan. As far as the Medigap coverage I
opted for a Policy N. The website can show you all the options and
coverages and give you an estimate of yearly costs.

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 1:23 PM, Cheryl Frink <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> After several hours on the phone with Humana (I have a Humana Gold
> Advantage
> Plan, an HMO) and three trips to Walgreen's, it appears that my Novolog
> prescription will be covered under Medicare Part B. I thought I would
> experience a huge savings over Paret D coverage. Nope. My costs through
> Part
> B will be $438 for three months of Novolog. Part Be applies because I use
> an
> insulin pump. If my coverage remained under Part D, my insulin costs would
> have been $391 for three months. The only advantage, based on what my
> Humana
> customer service person told me, is that there is no coverage gap (or donut
> hole) under part B.  That should be helpful . Anyway, I'm pretty sad that I
> didn't get the price break on insulin that other pump users have
> experienced. Sick really.
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