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[IP] Responses to multiple conversations below

Instead of doing a lot of separate emails, I lumped it all together.

-For me, very low carb, hi-protein is good. Not necessarily high fat, I
don't splurge with bacon too much, etc, but I don't try for low fat. I
would love to go vegetarian (to the Amber who was for many years but
struggling recently, living in So Cal), but I have not found a way to do
vegetarian in a low carb manner. I greatly admire your resolve, ambition
and determination to stick with your exercise and losing 30lbs. I
understand frustration at the weight returning, but you know for sure now
why and how it occurred. You have had many years of success that are just
amazing. If you factor that out...it seems as though it is completely
understandable and if you are 55 with 40 years of great control....it seems
to equal out about 1-2 weeks per YEAR of your success!     aka: 2 years
struggle at 52 weeks per year, so say 104 weeks struggle. Divide that by 40
(years of good control) and you get an average of 2.5 weeks of week control
for each of those 40 years. Pardon my French, but that is @#$%#$ great. Me,
I would love 40 DAYS of Good control. Aren't perspective great ?! I am good
at them, except when it comes to my own situation. Ggrr. At least the
weight returned over the course of a year, and not within a month !!! For
those whose body sometimes like to play a fluid retention game...I can
gain, and lose, 20# in a week. Fortunately, mine seems to have given up
this game about a year ago.
Suggestions are welcome on tips of low carb vegetarian or even vegan diet!

Test strips for Contour meter:
If you go to their website, or call them, you can print or get a "loyality"
card worth up to 35$ off per month.
There is a down side....the loyality card cannot be used with medicaid or
medicare (will have to double check on that though). It can only be used
with straight, or no insurance. Many test strips have this type of program
available. It expires after a year, but you only need to download or
request the new one. And don't forget to contact the company if you need
help with $, there are multiple programs available, but you do have to ASK
for them.
I know there are others, and no for many not the ideal or preferred test
strip...but I do know that Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens and all their
affiliates offer their brand of test strips, and I guess you could say it
is better to have an idea of your sugar level opposed to no idea (no strips
at all) If you keep paper logs, you may even want to get one of these
meters and some of their strips to "supplement" your preferred brand. Use
them when you are somewhat confident as to what your number is and just
want to track a trend or confirm what you already know, or even just as a
back-up in case of bad weather, you live far from a pharmacy and your car
is being problematic, etc. etc.

"Frustrated" - yes, it is good to keep notes of who you talked to, what
date and about what. I have spent hours and hours over the past
Year...talking to the IRS (only 3 hours today...1.5 of those just trying to
get to a person and not a machine, 30 min waiting once I finally got in the
queue to talk to a person, and another hour of discussion and waiting while
the issue was researched AGAIN). Why? Because last year the IRS transposed
2 numbers in my bank account number and gave my refund to someone else. One
year later, and they are STILL investigating it...even though they admitted
8 months ago that, oh, yeah, we made a mistake, we will get that fixed
right away............. I have a very simple, 1 person, 1 income and not
much else to file tax form....all my stuff is correct, and has been checked
multiple times and it comes down to  they can't seem to figure out how to
fix the error, AND they have not heard back from the bank to get the funds
returned so they can distribute them correctly. (now, why should I have to
wait for TWO major companies to fix THEIR problem so they can fix my tiny
and to them, insignificant, problem....I have no idea. If I owed IRS $ and
"accidentally" gave it to someone else, I am sure they would not be
interested in waiting or excuses as to why they are not receiving their $,
or how it would be resolved as that is not their business. All they care
about is getting their $). So yes, keep good notes!!!!
Again, suggestions welcome! Not meaning to gripe about this
my....goodness...it has gone way beyond stupid.

One of my own posts...
While I am not into doomsday type shows/preper's/stories, A book crossed my
path and for some reason I read it. Honestly, if "something" were to
happen, I would have to believe it would go like this story (trying to not
give much away for those who prefer to read it themselves). It is something
to think about. I will say it does not involve everyone dying from nuclear
assault, mass wars or such, per se, nor is it due to a religious event or
aliens (not a science fiction book). The sad part is, people with medical
issues, the outcome is less than favorable and it would be totally
accurate. So, wondering, if you have read this, what are your thoughts?
(Feel free to email me off list if you want to discuss this. Other members
of my family are also not inclined to read this type of subject, but they
all have and all agree, strangely). I forget who wrote it, but the title is
"One Second After" and easy to find at libraries, Amazon, for E-readers,
etc. Surprisingly, my local Barnes and Noble carries it and I buy very few
books these days.
This is NOT a promotion of the book...shoot, I don't even recall the
authors name and could go look it up and don't want to, but rather, an
invite to discussion and quite a rare request for me, beyond my family. For
some weird reason, it has my attention. (And yes, it is relevant to the IP

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