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[IP] Michael Albisser, PhD - MyDiaBase

George - I'd heard about this - but never associated the name of Dr.
Albisser with it.    This
written a few years ago (technology wise - 2008 is awhile ago <lol>).
 If you scroll down, you'll come across his name BUT sadly - the link for
more info - no longer takes you anywhere.

Any other links I came on about "Mydiabase" leads to a a dead end in 2009.

I know there is another program that sounds similar to Dr. Albisser - but
am coming up with blanks at the moment - since I know who could supply the
info - but sadly - I'm drawing a blank (Hashimoto you SUCK)

BTW George, snow is starting to melt up north here!  My SIL in Orlando
posted on her FB wall the other day about being able to get her flip flops
out ... barefoot envy I'm having here ;)  And yes -  I know diabetics
aren't supposed to go barefoot in shoes, etc. - but sadly - I am a bad
diabetic - and go sockless as much as I can - when the snow isn't 3 metres
high ;)

Keep up with the good work on lowering your A1C! In the end - the rewards
will be great!

Anna Kiff aka FatCatAnna \\^^//  in the D-OC
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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2014 11:58:56 -0400
From: George Eberhardt <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] The joys of retirement episode 4

I went to the Friday meeting, and my A1 C is now 6.8. It's getting harder
and harder to get it much lower. I still don't have any serious risks of
hypoglycemia, but my average blood sugars are falling.

The name of the person running the sessions is Mr. A Michael Albisser, PhD.
If you Google him, you will find that he has been working on this software
for quite a while. Unfortunately, it is currently only available on a USB
flash drive.

George E Eberhardt
(732) 224-8988
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