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[IP] Long article in NY Times talks mostly about diabetes, take 2

 Forgive me if this shows up twice. I sent this 45 minutes ago and it still
hasn't shown up.

It's really about the high cost of treating chronic diseases.  

 At the end they talk about a few others, but it's mostly about diabetes, and
mostly about pumping. If you are not a subscriber you can read a limited number
of articles for free.

 I ran through it quickly and they seemed to get a lot of things wrong, but not
seriously wrong.

 They also seemed to exaggerate the costs of some things, but that is hard to
tell, because who knows what anything costs in the US. There is list price and
then there is negotiated price.

Insulin analogs for $200 a bottle.   I think that's high.  

 The insurer would no longer pay for a brand of strips that were used in an
insulin pump (Is there such a pump? I know Medtronic and Animas have meters that
talk to the pump, but that's different)
They fail to distinguish between a Minimed pump, and a Minimed pump with CGM

So have at it, and if you comment to the Times, please share it here. 

 Other things of note, Insulin Analogs (They mean Novolog Humalog Apidra cost
$200 here (allegedly) while in the UK pharmacists pay $30 per bottle and "give
them away for free". Here's the link


 Title is "Even Small Medical Advances can mean Big Jumps in Fees" Right now
it's right on the front page of the Online edition.
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