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Re: smarites, glucagon, etc.WAS: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #409

 Attempting a juice box at 80 and dropping is different than at 50 IMME ( that
is: in my MESSY experience)
 Overdosing, messes, confusion, why-am-I-here? all go along with lows where
simple is best
 Treating a dropping number to stay out of trouble ( meal delayed, more exercise
running to catch a bus, other variables ) are easy: you know what to do and are
in control, and trying to regain a target or keep it steady, BUT, when those
damn variables, traffic delays, yesterday's exercise catches up and you are
dropping low or are at a point where your brain just can't function, well,
different story altogether :)
 I have small juice boxes, and love them for car trips, outside continuous
exercise ( like mowing, do some, check, eat/drink, return to job) , etc, but,
they are smarter than me when I'm dropping fast or already LOW
And as I get more  arthritic type issues, sometimes they are too challenging :(

> On Apr 1, 2014, at 11:57 AM, email @ redacted wrote:
> Schlight, your comment about the juice box confusion is spot on. Now that I
> think of it, when I was low trying to poke the straw into the hole was
> difficult!
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