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smarites, glucagon, etc.WAS: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V13 #409

re: smarties
not only are smarites cheap, and available 'everywhere', they don't seem 
to expire, you KNOW how many carbs are in a roll (~6 ?), so when using 
them for lows, you can use the 15/15 guideline/rule (<if a regular low, 
ie not dropping like a rock?> 15 g carb, recheck in 15 minutes, etc)
*if i have my granddaughter with me, she gets half a pkg/roll, and 2 1/2 
is abt15 g carbs
another good thing abt using Smarties (juice boxes are too confusing for 
me when low, I seem to wear more than drink lol) is that you have the 
remains (wrappers) left over to see what you did (how many were consumed 
(or at least opened, if you didn't share or drop them to the floor for 
canines to steal) during the low....we ALL have stories of wacky 
behavior we can't recall.....

I have heard, over the decades, of people using glucagon in unusual 
ways, for specific cases, but I was under the impression that glucagon 
was for a second person to use on the person too low to 
cooperate/eat/swallow safely?

Yes, the glucagon is expensive, BUT, on the other hand, like car 
insurance, I pay for it, replace it when it expires (well, I have to 
admit, not usually right after it expires, ha ha) and then pass it on to 
someone to use for training purposes once it is expired, and I'm 
thankful when I don't actually  have to use it.
(new parents of diabetic children might appreciate the hands on 
practice,  or take it to a school, esp in small schools, where a nurse 
is not always on deck, for show and tell <when it is a calm moment, not 
the stress of an actual emergency?>, spouses learning to 'help', etc. 
might like the hands on experience/practice)

When I buy it (it is a prescription and when expired, needs a script, 
since I am not using it) I ask for the expiration date, and if it is not 
a ways off (at least a year?) I prefer to take the prescription 
elsewhere, a busier place where stuff moves and gets reordered...to get 
a maximum lifespan/shelf life...often over two years.

We always take one on vacation (avoid EMTs in a strange place, where you 
don't know how to access your insurance, etc in an emergency.....)

BTW, for me/us, having them expire without being used is a sign of how 
much better things have been since the pump and/or CGM entered my circle 
of 'friends'   : )


  3/30/2014 7:17 PM, David Jones wrote:
> I never knew that Smarties raised blood sugar that fast. that's good to know
> because they are very compact and inexpensive.
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