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Re: [IP] No Wonder!

> No wonder my am bg is out of site, "Auto Off"  on the Revel for
> 4 hours turns the delivery off for 4 hours, not the alarms! Guess I should 
> have RTFM!

I got into a problem when I changed pumps within the same company. My first 
one (size of a checkbook box) had a feature you could supplement a 
programmed amount to spread over an hour or so. The second one (size of a 
king-sized pack of cigarettes) had a supplemental feature that went by the 
hour. I had programmed 5u to spread over a couple of hours, then a few hours 
later looked at my dosage and I had infused almost my entire daily dose by 
11:00 a.m.! I guess reading the manual does help - especially when changing 
horses. ;-)

BATW, about the auto-off feature: I am of the opinion (which I highly 
respect) that if you do nothing and your basals are set correctly, it makies 
no difference to your BG if you do not eat. Technically, one should be able 
to go 24 hours with no food and keep a level BG. YMMV

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