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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger Surgery

I'm at that point of having surgery scheduled, as my endo said 
"absolutely not!" to steroid shots.  I have a consultation with a 
surgeon on May 25.  Right now, it's just one finger, middle on my 
dominant hand; but, the finger next to it is showing changes at the 
joint within my palm.

Phyllis, you aren't having any pain in the tendons, anymore?  I have 
terrible pain in my hand from the trigger finger syndrome, sometimes to 
the point where I just can't do anything with it. As I'm on VA care, I 
don't get to pick where I have surgery, but at least I can afford it.

I've actually had good experiences with having surgery in my local VA 
hospital.  Both my cataract surgeries were done there, and I'm pleased 
with the results.  I did have to wait quite a long time and had to put 
up with really bad vision before my eyes were "ready" for surgery, 
though.  Still, I have clear vision in both eyes, so I can't complain!


On 4/26/2011 6:05 AM, Phyllis wrote:
> I too had trigger finger surgery; on 8 of my fingers. Unlike Carpal Tunnel
>> surgery the trigger finger does not come back after proper surgery.
Just make absolutely sure as you can that you have the best
>> hand
>> surgeon you can find. I live in South Florida and went to Atlanta for my
>> surgeries.
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