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Re: [IP] symlin for type 1

 I replied earlier and realized I said I was on 200 units. I must have b een
asleep LOL. I am on 120 units each meal. Works great.
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Subject: [IP] symlin for type 1

>From Maureen;
I think I asked this question before but can't find any new information. Are
any of you type 1's now taking symlin? I started about 3 weeks ago and find
it really does cut down the peaks after eating. The rise in the BG comes 2
hours after eating but this is easy to control with the pump and the CGMS. I
am only using it for lunch and dinner, and only 30 mcg. I don't think I will
go higher but I hear the effect wears off. It is interesting that much was
written about symlin when it first got approved in 2005, but now I cannot
find any new users or really new information. I am not overweight and I have
a reasonable Hba1c-6.6, so my doctor didn't want to prescribe symlin, but I
feel that if this is something our bodies don't make anymore why shouldn't
we use it.

Maureen Helinski
email @ redacted
I have a news alert going for Symlin, which I have taken since 2005.  The only
new thing is that it is being tested as a weight control drug for
non-diabetics.  They are also testing higher doses of it for overweight
people, up to 200 mcg.  I was taking 75 mcg but I am trying to take off thefew
pounds I put on over the winter, and have upped my dose to 90 mcg.  My
prescription is written for 90 mcg to give me the flexibility to take more if
I want to.  The drug rep told me doctor that some type 1s do take up to 120
mcg, but that they are usually overweight.  I hope I can always afford Symlin,
since it has improved my quality of life so much by reducing hunger.
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