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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V12 #83

So then, one evening talking to my beloved, I tried to show him how I could
hardly make a fist and something popped and my finger was stuck in a
trigger holding position, except with the middle finger. I was in shock 
and it
turns my gut thinking about it this morning. Went online and looked at it in
One can only get two steroid shots and that is it and if that doesn't do
it, there is the operation and that is no guarantee as with any surgery.
Now, I am thinking...."Will I have to live with this if I can't afford the
operation." I do not have insurance right now. I have been on unemployment
and thinking that I am sooo tired all the time how am I gonna be able to 
work an
8 hr day and have to commute too.

No matter what happens, God is in control. Give Him all glory and honor!

The trigger finger surgery is very successful and I've had all ten 
fingers done and none of them have ever given me a problem since.

I would suggest you speak with the health department in your area (if 
they have one) or contact several orth. surgeons and see if they will do 
one pro bono.

The actual surgery only takes 10 minutes!

Best of luck!
Kathy B.
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