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Re: [IP] jury duty


When I use to take insulin injections, I was taken off the jury call list. I
them I had to eat and while on jury duty it could be impossible to be able
to have whichever meal. They never called me again after this!  This worked
me in Florida.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Trish Ober <email @ redacted>wrote:

> I had jury duty 3 times in the last two years - just lucky I guess!
>  Basically
> nothing will get you out of it.  I was picked on the jury two times and
> spent
> 3 or 4 days there all day each time.  When they asked if anyone had special
> requirements, etc. - I didn't say anything because I figured lots of people
> have D.  You can take your purse, bag, etc. in with you to the jury box.  I
> just took my meter out of my bag ever couple hours just like I do at work
> and
> tested.  Some times I would then eat some glucose tabs, some times not.  No
> one ever bothered me at all with this.  I just made sure I had everything I
> needed with  me each day.   Really no different than picking up your purse
> to
> get a kleenex, pop a mint in your mouth, etc.
> Yeah it was a real pain to sit in the jury box for days at a time and think
> of
> how far behind I was getting at work - but that is all part of life.  My
> husband's name has never been drawn for jury duty - some how mine keeps
> getting drawn every year or every other year - just bad luck I guess.
> .
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