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[IP] jury duty

I had jury duty 3 times in the last two years - just lucky I guess!  Basically
nothing will get you out of it.  I was picked on the jury two times and spent
3 or 4 days there all day each time.  When they asked if anyone had special
requirements, etc. - I didn't say anything because I figured lots of people
have D.  You can take your purse, bag, etc. in with you to the jury box.  I
just took my meter out of my bag ever couple hours just like I do at work and
tested.  Some times I would then eat some glucose tabs, some times not.  No
one ever bothered me at all with this.  I just made sure I had everything I
needed with  me each day.   Really no different than picking up your purse to
get a kleenex, pop a mint in your mouth, etc.
Yeah it was a real pain to sit in the jury box for days at a time and think of
how far behind I was getting at work - but that is all part of life.  My
husband's name has never been drawn for jury duty - some how mine keeps
getting drawn every year or every other year - just bad luck I guess.
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