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Re: [IP] Re: Why some T1's never feel full from eating?

 Ok. How's this. My dad said at his speech when I got married. "I'd rather
clothe her than FEED her"
I was 22. Size 5 125 lbs. But ate like 10 men !!  Why?? 
I am always hungry I can eat a big meal and still be hungry an hour latter
Now I'm 42 still not overweight but I crave pretzels pasta. All carbs 
I understand u 
Yesterday easter dinner was amazing an hour latter.  Starving :( 
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Yesterday for Easter dinner, I ate a large slice of ham, two stuffed  
cabbage, a medium sized piece of spinach lasagna, potato salad, and a twenty  
  ounce sized glass of diet lemonade, and a large piece of cheese cake. I am
 1, and I never felt full after that.
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Oops,  would also like to add to my comments below that I am on an insulin
pump  and it doesn't matter if my bs are normal, high, or low....I don't  
full when I eat.  Would like to hear what others have been told  who don't
get full.
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