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Re: [IP] Cozminitor software and Windows 7 - tech info

On 04/24/2011 01:13 AM, Gilda Harris wrote:
> I have 14 months to go on my Cozmo and I too am looking for a new computer
> (currently have XP).  The Cozmo tech informed me that the software will not
> run on Windows 7, but it can run on Windows 7 Professional; that Windows 7
> can be upgraded to Professional.  To avoid the hassles of frustration and
> cost of A. upgrading software B. inability on my part to get it running C.
> hiring a computer geek who may compound the issue , I have decided to just
> go for the extra expense of a complete Windows 7 Professional.  I will keep
> i.p.'s informed.
> Gilda, pumping 12 yrs, currently Cozmo 

As someone else mentioned, you would need to install the virtual Windows
XP mode, which is free if you have the Professional version. This
creates a fully licensed XP machine within Windows 7. Unfortunately the
XP mode software does not come on the Windows 7 disk. But all you need
to do is log onto Microsoft, search for "Windows XP Mode" and download
the software (3 separate files). Once XP mode is installed, go into the
virtual XP system and install the Cozmonitor within XP. In theory, the
next time you start the Cosmonitor it should automatically load the XP
Mode for you.

There are other virtual machine systems out there, but you'd have to
install a licensed version of XP within it.

Best of luck

Sam (the geek)
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