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Re: [IP] jury duty

At 04:01 PM 4/23/2011, you wrote:
 >Question regarding jury duty-
 >Are we ( i am type 1 for 36 years ) exempt from jury duty ?

Not automatically`.

 > I would love to be on a jury, but with my inability to know lows, as
 >well as me
 >checking BG constantly ( i am a roller coaster even on the pump 
sometimes )- I
 >just dont see how I would qualify ?

Bring a note from your doctor saying that you have diabetes and will 
need to bring Bg meter, snacks, juice, and anything else necessary. 
Explain the situation to them (you'll need to be able to check your 
Bg as often as necessary, and eat candy or drink juice if you need to 
bring up a low.  If they have a problem with any of these things they 
will let you know.

Hypoglycemic unawareness is the most troubling aspect, as there is a 
possibility you might miss or misunderstand part of the trial due to 
low blood sugar.  If you want to be on a jury it is up to you to 
prevent this from happening.
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