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[IP] re: Why some T1's never feel full from eating?

During 2007/2008, I was not hungry at all. I lost 30 lbs in 10 months and
have lost an additional 10 lbs since then.  


BUT that has changed and I am usually hungry and never feel full anymore.
No matter what or how much I eat, I don't get that full feeling.
Occasionally I will have a slight feeling of being full, but that only lasts
for a few minutes.

I watch the amt of carbs I eat, hoping not to gain that weight back. I am
close to my ideal weight now.


I have never heard of a condition that causes this. When I mention it to my
drs, they just look dumbfounded and have no comment on it.  Would love to
know what causes this too.


I am also unusually cold, when others around me aren't.  Not sure if there
is a correlation between the two.




Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 9:54 AM

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Subject: [IP] Why do some T1's never feel full from eating?




I was told that T1's have an additional condition (don't know the name of


wherein they don't feel full when eating and generally carry

an extra 10 pounds of weight due to this condition.  Has anyone heard of


Can someone help clarify so I can understand?



 Denise D.

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