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[IP] Passover

Hi Alan,
I've been playing with this for years. My sister does most of the 
cooking. I've done it with her enough years to know what is in 
everything she makes. But that doesn't usually help.  I think the 
reason it worked as well as it did this year was the 50% temp basal 
increase. Also, I bolus for the maximum that I can possibly imagine 
is in anything. I figure about 25g per whole piece of matza, about 
20-25 for knadlach--our family likes them small,  heavy and thick, 
not light and fluffy as they are "supposed" to be. Charosis is the 
toughie. I try to figure how much of an apple and how much wine is in 
the charoses and go from there. The matza kugel was a total SWAG as 
was the candy and sponge cake. Maybe I overbolus for some of it but 
likely compensate by underbolusing for other stuff.
As I do in everyday life, I bolus and bite rather than take one bolus 
all at once. I also started a combo basal when we got to the main 
course----I actually ate the main course this year, usually am too 
full before we get to it.
I also went into it with a bg at low end of target. Years I start out 
high end up way wicked high by the end despite corrections.
As I try to do better with it year by year it gets more and more complicated.

From: Alan Segal <email @ redacted>

>How did you estimate everything?
>I would love to have those BG's
>It is hard when the family cooks, and you don't know what or how much they
>put in a batch.
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