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[IP] New Manner of Calculating A1c?

Hi all,

I wanted to ask about something that I "heard" recently, but I suspect 
the person who said it is likely wrong.  Some months ago, I joined a 
T2-exclusive group, because I wanted to learn more extensively how T2s 
who are managing by diet and exercise, oral meds, et al. actually 
manage/control their D on a daily basis (I am so grateful to be on 
insulin).  The normal discussions occur -- low-or-very-modest carbing, 
what to eat or not eat, my doctor told me I didn't need to test at 
home/only test once a day, et al.  There are some insulin users on the 
list, but no pumpers from what I can see.

Last week, a new member joined the group.  I believe she's in 
Australia, but I KNOW she's not based in the US.  She reported that her 
doctor diagnosed her with D because she was "just over the level" on an 
A1c, but that her A1c was -- wait for it -- 46.  Several people 
responded that she might have misunderstood him; seriously -- a 46.0 
A1c is an average BG level of 70.8 mmol/L or 1274 mg/dl, and even a T2, 
who might not be in DKA at diagnosis, is going to be EXTREMELY ill with 
a BG that high, and would likely be hospitalized and at least 
temporarily started on insulin.  She posted a response to the last 
person who had commented about this to her yesterday (the person who 
commented is also a T1, so I'm not the only T1 on the list), and again 
said that she absolutely did not have the reading confused, that she 
had copies of her blood work, but that she didn't feel "as sick as you 
mention" or something similar.

Is there a new method of calculating/expressing the A1c level?  Because 
of course I searched online last night, and found nothing.  She then 
asked if the person who had asked her the questions and told her how 
high she would have been might be calculating/expressing the A1c 
differently, as she could NOT have confused the reading.

Is this possible, that in some places, the A1c is expressed THAT 
differently?  Because if so, it's news to me.  At my dx 15 years ago, 
my A1c was almost 17, and I had never been so sick in my life.  EVER.  
I couldn't function at all.  I can't imagine someone walking 'round 
with a BG equivalent to 1274 mg/dl or 70.8 mmol/L even being permitted 
to leave the doctor's office.


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