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[IP] Medtronic MiniLink Transmitter

I received a replacement MiniLink transmitter a week or so ago.  I
thought I could continue using the same sensor and transmitter without
doing more than a "New Sensor" input on the Pump every three days, as I
read in the Owner's Manual  (in the part about Charging the MiniLink) "A
fully charged MiniLink battery will work more than 14 days without
recharging."  That, in my brief experience, is really not relevant.
After about 7 days, I got a "Weak Sensor" reading, then a "Lost Sensor"
reading.  I finally took the transmitter off and recharged it and
attached a new sensor as well, as I always seem to jostle the sensor when
removing the transmitter.  I called Medtronic MiniMed as I thought I had
received a defective transmitter.
I was informed that, while the battery on the transmitter will last 14
days, the transmitter MUST be disconnected from the sensor after 7 days. 
It only takes a minute or two and then the transmitter can be reattached.
 But, the new transmitter is effectively no different than my last
transmitter (I had the first one for about 2.5 years), in that it
requires handling after about 1 week - at which point I cannot see any
reason not to recharge the transmitter, as long as it is right there.
Does anyone have any different information about the newer MiniLink
transmitter?  And, if Nikos is reading this, I wonder if the system he is
using requires disconnecting the transmitter from the sensor after about
1 week.

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