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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V12 #75 - Trigger Finger

You ARE.. funny. Are you a writer per chance? If not, start a new career.
You might even get me reading this posting more often.. lol
Even if your name wasn't Candace, you might still be using "Candy", such an
ironic twist for a diabetic.
Best Regards, Tom M

> Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 07:58:43 -0400
> From: Candace Hackney <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Trigger finger bang, bang...
> As I always lurk in the background I say to myself, (ya'll probably
> "yeah, right. I see enough of her posts.") I usually read all posts, and
> to learn as it makes me feel not so scared of the unknown and better able
> cope with it.
> Okay, so I just turned 49 in October (PTL, not the big 50 yet, my boyfriend
> added it up and told me on my last birthday..."Hey, you're only Forte 9"
> pronounced fortay. Then I said maybe the 40's will be my strong point which
> one of the meanings of forte in the dictionary. Funny, the other meanings
> a "loud and forceful manner" and forte which is pronounced sounding like
> word fort, means the strong part of a blade in the middle.
> So here's me and my middle finger..."Good morning fort, not been feeling
> good lately huh? What in the world have we been doing together where you
> even feel like getting out of bed? Maybe we need to take it easy for a
> Fort says to me...."No, I don't feel much better not doing nothing at all."
> say to Fort; "I know what you mean, I can't stand the thought of being
> up and not being able to stay active like I have to do to survive. I have
> to use my hands, I need you." So forte and me head for the middle road and
> stay active and take it easy too.
> So then, one evening talking to my beloved, I tried to show him how I could
> hardly make a fist and something popped and my finger was stuck in a
> holding position, except with the middle finger. I was in shock and it
> my gut thinking about it this morning. Went online and looked at it in
> One can only get two steroid shots and that is it and if that doesn't do
> there is the operation and that is no guarantee as with any surgery.
> Now, I am thinking...."Will I have to live with this if I can't afford the
> operation." I do not have insurance right now. I have been on unemployment
> thinking that I am sooo tired all the time how am I gonna be able to work an
> hr day and have to commute too.
> I have a doctor appt. on the 15th of April and he will tell me to take
> again, since he is more of a health department low income doctor and I am
> there are none who will be able to do that surgery for me since the doctors
> volunteer and it probably has to be a life or death situation before thaey
> donate their precious pro bono to patients in need.
> Had to get it out...
> The diabetic named candy
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